A downloadable game for Windows

Re-creation game mechanic: whip, kick & stasis from Bulletstorm.


Move: WASD
Kick: F
Whip: RMB
Shoot gun: LMB
Aim: Mouse
Change gun: 1, 2, 3
Slide: Shift
Jump: Space

Sound effects mixed using clips from freesound.org

This game was developed in under 48 hours, for the first Mix and Game Jam event (2019). The theme of the jam was to re-create a game-mechanic from another game, in another dimension.

We chose to re-create the mechanic from Bulletstorm, in which the player has an electric whip, which can be used to pull enemies towards you. When close, enemies then enter a stasis mode, where they are slowed. Furthermore, we decided to add the kick as well, where enemies will fly for a short duration, and then enter stasis mode.

Sadly we didn't complete the game, so there is no point-system or real game-loop, however, it serves more as a playground for the whip, kick and stasis mechanic re-creation.


Pellet-Breeze.zip 23 MB

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